We can create gates that are constructed to your exact specifications and are of remarkable quality. After all, it’s your gate, so we want to collaborate with you to make a thing you’ll adore. Whether you want a gate made of strong, resilient steel, lightweight, rust-proof aluminum, or traditional, timeless wood, we can work with a variety of materials to make it for you.

To build something that will resist the harsh New Zealand weather and be sure to last, we make sure to use high-quality materials, whether they be steel, aluminium, or timber. If you want our aluminium gates to be even more durable or have a brighter look, we can also powder-coat them. Whether you want a gate that blends seamlessly with your fence and house or one that stands out against it, you may choose from sleek black, earthy browns, or vibrant colours.

We can customize gates for driveways, fences, and even smaller pedestrian gates.


We are fully equipped to provide cutting-edge, top-notch steel or aluminium metal fabrication solutions.

Need steel or aluminium item that needs to be put together? We are fully equipped to complete it for you. Frames for signs, handrails, carports and Pergolas; all of it can be done, and we have the expertise.


Our staff are skilled at creating and putting in gates that match the appearance of your fence, and give you the ideal balance of accessibility and privacy. To guarantee that your new gate blends in smoothly with your fence and home, we are proficient at working with a variety of materials, including aluminium, steel and wood.